Tactics Of War

Tactics of war is based in the year 2310 on the planet Zendrusas sector 5 of the Imperial Empire Alliance, aka the "prison planet". You are one of the unfortunate individuals sent to this planet to serve your prison sentence. Due to the overpopulation of “traditional” prisons on earth that were the norm of the 2200s prison planets were created with allowing mass prisons to be opened.

Originally the planet was controlled by the Imperial Army. Prisoners were made to work mining rare metals and gathering energy around various mines around Zendrusas, until the year 2305 when an inmate nicknamed the Emperor gathered supporters and overcame the Imperial Army forces. Multiple battles ensued as the Imperial Alliance sent more troops to take back the planet and control the inmates. All efforts by the Imperial Alliance failed and they had to admit defeat and leave Zendrusas to the inmates.

The Imperial Alliance has quarantined Zendrusas keeping inmates from launching ships to escape the planet with a large autonomous laser defence system. New criminals are sent to the planet in mobile pods which are their cell, home, and base. Inmates have forged alliances and clans have emerged battling for territory and resources.

Some more entrepreneurial inmates have set up trading posts selling wares and technology dotted around the planet they can be found and bartered with to gain access and climb the ranks of Tactics Of War. The inmate nicknamed Emperor is still the most powerful inmate and controls many of the caves and valuable areas of the planet. He also hosts auctions for rare items that he is “gifted” from the Imperial Alliance.

The choice is yours: build an army and take on the Emperor? Forge alliances and build the strongest clan? Keep to yourself and hoard supplies? This is your fate: you are here; now go forth and live!